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Baby, you're mine ♥

Wednesday, 28 April 2010 ♥
I never seen someone with your body ♥ 18:00

Heyho people. I'm going home this weekend. yeah just for 2 days only but it's fine with me because I really missed home. Seriously. I'm suffering here. Yeah maybe I just need my old life back. I missed KGV, too much. I got a lot of homework to do. The final semester exam is just around the corner. 2 more weeks then I'll be a dead meat. The upss 1 results were urmmmm suck? I couldn't managed to get straight A's. I know, my mum would be sad. I AM SORRY MAMA. I didn't mean to get bad result. I've tried my best ma. I promise ma, I will never let you down again.

All the way from heart,

Wednesday, 7 April 2010 ♥
Heyhey ♥ 18:15

Yada yada hey hello people what's up? I have to redo my ulbs, yeah congrats Aishah. But at least I got more than 25 over 30 okay? I have to redo in order to get better marks. Okay enough said. Last night, the warden did a spotcheck on us, curse you pencuri! Because of you, a lot of students suffered! Hey, pasal kau, banyak handphone kene rampas? Tau tak pasal kau charger aku kene campak drp tingkat atas? Kau tak pakai otak ke? Orang dah siap bacakan Yaasin untuk kau, buat solat hajat jemaah lagi, tu pun kau taknak mengaku? Ape jenis perempuan kau ni? taktau malu. Nanti kawen aku taktau la kau curik laki orang ke tak. Heish! Geram gile. Words are not enough. Kalau aku dpt tau sape pencuri tu, aku rejam dengan batu lembing sume sume dengan taik laaaaaaaaaa! Sabar sabar.

I missed KGV, seriously. People here are soooo I don't know. They're not as sporting as kgv students do. Cultural shock to be exact. KGV, do you guys missed me as I do? Class 416 of 2010 is going to present our drama today at the sem foyer. KGV students are invited :P

I'll update more later okay, bye love.