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Baby, you're mine ♥

Monday, 31 May 2010 ♥
HAHA ♥ 00:18

heyho people. im onlining from makmal bitara illegally ngahahahh. ni kire pecah masuk ke? alaaa, wht do i care? lek sudaaaa.

In love, Aishah <3

Saturday, 29 May 2010 ♥
TAKNAK ♥ 21:19


♥ 11:18

AJ handsome sgt ah hahahaha :D

Unintended ♥ 10:53

 I'm going back to Malacca and I'll be very busy for a few weeks. Got tons of assignments to be done. 

I don't have time to think about others, bye.

♥ 09:59

He hates me for real. Congrats :D

Sad ♥ 09:53

I wanna stay this way forever, taknak balik melaka.

Syazana ♥ 09:38

Happy birthday Syazana. You're getting older and older. I love you and I'll always do! Muahhhh! <3 You'll be celebrating your birthday w/o me and syiqah. Be happy oh!

I'm looking at you ♥ 00:50

No one is missing me, I see. I'm on the line but there's no sign of he's missing me. He does not buzz me or im me or anything. What have I done? What have his friend told him? Or maybe I wasn't there when he needed me. But it's okay. You'll always remain in my top friends in FB. :) And you're still in the top emm 10 in my heart. I did badly in my final examination, especially in Biology. Every subject to be exact. I don't know why I'm in TGB.  I just need my old life back, please? Okay it doesn't mean that I'm old okay. I just miss my zaman muda-muda. Friends in TGB are not that great. But at least I'm grateful that I'm in 416, rather than being in  415. We got 18 classes for our batch. The form 5s got 19 classes. Crapping crapping crapping. I wanted to upload tons of photos but unfortunately, I accidently left my usb cable at ze hostel which means I couldn't upload the latest photo of me which means I brought my pink phone to ze hostel which means Idk what does it mean. hahahaha tons of assignments to be done. Not to forget, the sem project. I'm sure you know how much I hate my life in TGB.


Friday, 28 May 2010 ♥
♥ 09:31

Eleh budak tgb ni, setakat tulis dlm blog je, ape bran. meh la ckp dpn2. tau la kau gemuk, fkir aku tkut ke? hahahaha sadis gile, dah la sume bnci kau, dgn ckgu pun bnci kau. cmne nk dpt result gempak? lemak je lebeh. HAHA