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Baby, you're mine ♥

Friday, 30 July 2010 ♥
Don't read ♥ 10:42

Since no one is reading my blog, so its the right time to let out my feelings. I think the time has come. I should stop thinking about seducing boys, it's the time for me to study and make things better. I'm having hari anugerah this morning and im kinda excited. haha its just words. the truth is i feel nothing eventhough i miss everyone. yeah i do miss everyone. why? do i look heartless? haha. everything has changed. how i miss my old life. where everyone is still nice. somehow i regret going to tgb but sometimes im grateful because i got the chance to meet the real world, which is more advance. i lost my love because of tgb but it's okay. there's always a silver lining behind every cloud. all that i can do is pray that everything will be fine. but the truth is, i'm hurt, sad and hmnnn. too hard to describe, i guess.