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Baby, you're mine ♥

Thursday, 24 June 2010 ♥
Sem 1 ♥ 17:49

Result sem 1 boleh tahan teruk laaa, eventhough no c's but........... okay bm aku lowest dlm class, english aku highest kot, agama pun ku highest. what else? addmaths B+ je. damn betol

Monday, 14 June 2010 ♥
No air ♥ 09:57

I managed to survive. A day without you :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010 ♥
DAMN ♥ 09:53

I cant believe that you're with that nerdy guy. i thought he was joking when he said you're his gf. when he told me you're his gf, i was like whatttt? you gotta be kidding me. i didnt believe him. i told him that i thought you're with someone else (OKAY I DID MENTION HIS NAME). okaaaaay and now you're mad with me because of that? i can't believe that you're with f guy. ohh damn yoou people

Thursday, 10 June 2010 ♥
Grandmother ♥ 21:55

Now she is gone forever

Tuesday, 8 June 2010 ♥
Most likely ♥ 08:41

I went to the lamest on earth (bak kata cana) today, JJ! haha i met cana and eyesha today. God i missed them like ___________ eventhough i know cana never missed me. haha okay done there. i watched ermmm lagenda budak setan. it was a sad story but cana made it funny -.- besides, the nenek kt atas cried masa the sad part and the atok was like HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA you're crying? okay obviously the atuk was not romantic. makngah said the movie was not interesting at all but for me, it was a sweeeet movie cos i am a romantic person :P okay okay enough

he made me smile and smile and smile. he was a bit busy today but it's okay.

as long as we have each other 

Monday, 7 June 2010 ♥
You are the only exception ♥ 09:28

You are special. So, dont go. Just stay. :)

Homework ♥ 06:31

we have known each other for more than 6 months
such a long period eh?
or maybe not
We don't communicate with each other too often.
Maybe we both are too shy
or maybe he is heartless
or maybe he doesn't have the same feeling as me
maybe i am too stupid
or maybe urgh
i just can't imagine my life without him
oh maybe i'll do fine
think positive aishah
maybe he's not the right guy
oookay to much maybe(s) here
i am not going to online until i finish my addmaths assignment

yours truthfully,

Sunday, 6 June 2010 ♥
Lova ♥ 06:48


okay i am v excited with this thingy
haven't heard any news from sarawak
hope she is okay
he is not here
idk where the heck is he
i hope he is fine too
i miss you

Sorrow ♥ 01:55

i wonder why is my life full of sadness and sorrow. i wonder why is everything has to happen at one time.

get well soon, grandmother.

i haven't get the chance to know you better.

my parents are going back to sarawak tonight and i am staying.

hope everything will be fine.


Saturday, 5 June 2010 ♥
just a note for you ♥ 11:41

I wish I had never known you. I was happy before even when you were not there yet. Unlike now, you make me suffer, I know that you didn't mean to have known me. Me too, I wasn't planning on loving you

you found me ♥ 11:33

this is just a quick post. finally, i have found the one and he is you! i have found you earlier but i was blind, stupid.
yes, i am still in love with the same person.
i love you, S

Truth to be told ♥ 08:52

Hello people, it's school hols so meronggeng sampai habis! :D

being a tgb-ian student is not that bad sbb ktorang ade pakej percutian
every subject ade hw,
best kan?

okay i know its for our good but come on man, orang nak cuti
dah la kau suruh kitorang buat sem project
nak balik kgv mama tak kasi
sedih kan?

i am still in love with the same person